Kombucha Tea


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  • Boost your daily wellness. A fermented drink with refreshing sparkling fruity tastes. It is an easy alternative to soda when you want to quench your thirst with something healthy.
  • Refreshingly delicious. Treat yourself to a delicious and healthy habit with the refreshing taste of calamari and the sweet blend of mango.
  • OSULLOC’S Exclusive. Made of self-developed Scoby derived from green tea extract. Catechins from green tea extract are a great potent antioxidant.
  • Low in calories yet rich in flavors. Honey-fermented kombu extract provides a rich aroma and taste. NO sugar added!
  • Korea’s No. 1 Premium Tea Brand. OSULLOC, Korea’s most beloved tea brand, has cultivated and harvested tea from Jeju Island since 1979. Osulloc is a premium tea brand worldwide, having placed first in many global tea competitions.


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